Rudy Giuliani overheard discussing his secret plans while in a restaurant

If you want evidence of just how badly Rudy Giuliani is falling apart, consider that he recently butt-dialed NBC News and accidentally gave away that he’s broke and that he’s trying to get his hands on money from someone overseas. Now it turns out Rudy has become even more ineptly clueless than we thought.

Rudy Giuliani was out to lunch, literally and figuratively, when other patrons at the restaurant heard him discussing his crazed new plans to launch a podcast. Rudy is about to be arrested and put on trial for a number of federal criminal charges, so the last thing he needs right now is to start further incriminating himself by babbling into a podcast microphone. It’s difficult to imagine the guy getting through a podcast episode when he can’t even function in a restaurant.

Apparently the people who overheard Rudy Giuliani babbling in the restaurant decided to secretly record him and give the audio to CNN. Rudy is clearly going all-in on pushing deranged conspiracy theories about how he and Donald Trump are being framed, while insisting that his treasonous behavior toward Ukraine was merely an attempt at defending Trump from… well, whoever the bogeyman is this week.

What’s particularly notable about Rudy Giuliani’s plans is that he’s making plans at all. This is a guy who will soon be arrested, and who is unlikely to make bail due to being a flight risk to any of the various countries he’s been criminally conspiring with. He’s launching long term podcast plans at a time when he’s in complete denial about the fact that his life is effectively over.

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