Key member of Donald Trump’s administration resigns in bizarre scandal

One of the few constants of Donald Trump’s erratic time in office has been the constant turnover among his key people – with those resignations generally coming amid controversies and scandals. This month Trump has lost his Acting Secretary of Defense to a family scandal, his Press Secretary for still-unstated reasons, and yesterday he lost his Acting Border Chief. Now Trump has lost yet another key person, this time in a bizarre scandal.

There’s a guy named Sean Lawler at Donald Trump’s State Department whose job is to tag along on Trump’s overseas diplomatic trips and make sure everything goes as smoothly as possible. This guy is not only important, he’s obviously supposed to be level headed and – well, diplomatic. But he’s abruptly resigning due to a scandal that’s anything but diplomatic in nature.

Lawler is accused of a pattern of behavior which includes intimidating his staff, being verbally abusive, and – you can’t make this up – “carrying a whip in the office” according to a stunning new report from Bloomberg. Lawler is apparently bailing before an Inspector General probe can look into the matter. That suggests that whatever the truth is here, he doesn’t want it coming out.

If any other administration, this would make for a huge scandal. In the toxic waste dump known as the Trump administration, it’s simply known as Wednesday. Bloomberg says that Trump is now claiming he never liked Lawler to begin with, which is par for the course. Trump routinely throws his own people under the bus once he selfishly concludes that their scandals are making him look too bad. That’s something, considering that Trump himself has the ugliest scandals of anyone in his administration.

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