Is Rudy Giuliani negotiating Donald Trump’s resignation?

Since the bizarre news broke that Rudy Giuliani is joining Donald Trump’s criminal defense team, it’s been difficult to figure out what’s truly going on. We’ve established that Giuliani has recently figured out he’s in huge trouble, and that Trump doesn’t like that this news has gone public. Now that the dust is settling a bit, the part that stands out is Giuliani’s surreal claim that he’s going to be able to “negotiate an end” to the Robert Mueller investigation and that he’s going to be able to make it happen within “maybe a couple of weeks.”

Why on earth would Rudy Giuliani try to sell Donald Trump or the public on the idea that he can magically make all of Trump’s legal troubles go away within a week or two? One explanation is that Giuliani has completely lost what was left of his mind, and thinks he really can make this happen. Another explanation would be that Trump is so far gone, Giuliani was able to con him into believing such nonsense for unknown reasons. But there’s a third explanation, and it goes back to Giuliani’s use of the word “negotiate.”

The only way for Trump to try to quickly kill off the investigation would be to try to fire everyone involved, and hope those firings somehow stick. But this strategy would not be any sort of “negotiation” and it wouldn’t require Giuliani’s involvement. The only other possible way out for Trump would be if he’s talking about negotiating his way out of office, by offering to resign in exchange for some degree of criminal leniency.

As crazy as that might sound, it’s difficult to come up with a more plausible explanation for what’s going on here. Rudy Giuliani has convinced Donald Trump that he can quickly “negotiate an end” to Trump’s legal troubles. Trump’s only remaining bargaining chip in any negotiation is his resignation. Giuliani may have jumped in after he saw that the Michael Cohen raid was going to destroy them all, and convinced Trump of the same. Keep a close eye on what Giuliani says and does next, because there’s more to this.

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