Rudy Giuliani gives away the one thing that’ll lead Donald Trump to resign

Rudy Giuliani is not employing some kind of evil genius strategy for magically saving Donald Trump by confessing that Trump committed every crime under the sun. Rudy is just a motormouth in cognitive decline who’s either totally snapped, or he’s trying to get Trump ousted on purpose for selfish reasons. Either way, Rudy just tipped the one specific trigger point that’ll lead Trump to end up resigning – and no, it’s not Stormy Daniels.

Even as Giuliani was confessing to Donald Trump’s various crimes on Fox News last night, he made a point of bringing up the one thing that the Trump camp considers to be off limits – or should we say the one person. Rudy announced that if federal prosecutors come after Ivanka Trump, then everything will hit the wall. This was a remarkable, statement, considering that unlike her brother and her husband, Ivanka doesn’t appear to be in imminent criminal jeopardy.

Yet Donald Trump and Rudy clearly think Ivanka has done something that’s going to get her nailed eventually, and Rudy is admitting that it’s Donald’s greatest fear. That makes it his greatest vulnerability as well. We’ve seen that Donald doesn’t really care what happens to anyone else in his family. Donald Trump Jr is so close to prison that his wife just left him because she knows what’s coming next. Jared Kushner is going to prison. Donald hasn’t lifted a finger to try to help them. But Ivanka is a different story.

We know Ivanka Trump will become a key target in the Trump-Russia scandal eventually, due to the Trump Organization business deals that she spearheaded with convicted Russian mafia money launderer Felix Sater. Donald Trump knows it too. Rudy Giuliani just telegraphed that Donald is only truly worried about how this is all going to work out for Ivanka. It means that when the time comes, he’ll resign in exchange for Ivanka getting immunity from prosecution. The more Rudy keeps running his mouth, it may come sooner than later.

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