Republicans target each other in Georgia debacle

In what is no surprise, David Perdue has announced his candidacy for governor of Georgia, and in what is even less of a surprise, he has been endorsed by Donald Trump. Perdue thinks he will be a better governor than Kemp, which will not take much effort, but Perdue is not the answer for Georgia. He was already an absent Senator. What makes anyone think he will be an effective governor? Besides his record as senator is the fact that Donald Trump is endorsing him. That is reason enough to choose anyone except Perdue.

Perdue has already let the Trump endorsement go to his head, claiming that Kemp cannot beat Stacey Abrams because “hard-core Trump Republicans” are against Kemp. In announcing his run, Perdue said: “Look, I like Brian. This isn’t personal. It’s simple: He has failed all of us and cannot win in November,” Associated Press reported. While there are many reasons to see Kemp as a failure, his refusal to break the law by declaring Trump the winner of Georgia is not one of them. It is utterly ridiculous to continue false election fraud claims to get votes, and it is even more ridiculous to try to cancel — as Republicans like to say — Kemp and Raffensperger because they upheld the law.

Kemp is not sitting back and taking Perdue’s crap. His spokesperson responded to Perdue’s criticism, saying that Perdue is just bitter over losing his senate seat. Ouch. Perdue, however, is laying out plans to try to win votes, including eliminating the state income tax, enhancing public safety, and “empowering parents’ ability to control what is taught in public schools,” which is merely another way of saying he will be tooting the critical race theory horn. He may get far right votes with that one, but he would be better off focusing on eliminating the state income tax. Virtually everyone in Georgia would vote for that. Republicans, however, are too stupid to just stick with ideas that appeal to all people. That would take them out of the “Trumpism” category, which they fear doing. Besides their obvious stupidity, they are totally into the blame game.

As AP reported, Perdue blames Kemp for losing his seat to Jon Ossoff and Kelly Loeffler losing to Raphael Warnock. Perhaps both should look in the mirror instead of looking for someone to blame. Neither of them did much of anything for Georgia. All they focused on was supporting Trump’s election lies, which did absolutely nothing for the people of Georgia. Should Perdue prevail, he will continue to do nothing for the citizens of Georgia.


Republicans like Perdue care nothing about the constituencies they seek to represent. All they care about is money and power, which these positions give them. If they did care, they would focus on what the people of Georgia need and want and not on a lie and a failed “president.” Perdue can talk all he wants, but should he defeat Kemp, he will then do battle with Stacey Abrams. That could well be a battle he will not win.

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