Republicans in Georgia are in total disarray heading into Senate runoff races

– At a rally in Georgia today, Donald Trump’s lawyer / former lawyer Sidney Powell told the crowd not to bother voting in the Senate runoff races, in protest of the fact that the state was supposedly “rigged” against Trump. This comes even as Trump tweeted today that he’s about to hold a rally in Georgia, something that he keeps threatening to do without ever putting a timetable on it. These folks are in disarray, and they’re giving us a real opening in Georgia. Donate to Ossoff and Warnock here.

– In what will be one of his last meaningful acts as vice president, Mike Pence was forced to swear in Democratic Senator Mark Kelly today. That’s right, as of today, Martha McSally is officially no longer a Senator. Not that she was ever really a Senator to begin with, after having lost both times she ran.

– Go back and find the guy whose new years 2020 prediction was “the world’s fate will end up hinging on a vaccine that Dolly Parton paid to have made out of Tom Hanks’ blood” and just put that person in charge of everything.

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