Republicans are shouting into the void – and there’s no one there to hear them


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Allow me, if you will, friends and readers, to tell you a story. This story is about an empty and rather dystopian meet and greet. It is about vacant, brainless zombies who lurch, untethered, around mostly unfilled and abandoned rooms.

It is about freaks stripped of any type of brain cells, devoid of introspection, glassy-eyed in their demeanor, and bereft of common decency. This is the tale of C-PAC. This is the sad little place where republicans usually gather to crow about their success.

Only they haven’t had much success lately. And many chose to skip CPAC this time. The results were that of hollowed-out people marooned on an empty island where each chapter was filled with little more than blankness and an unfulfilled void.

Whom did we have there as guests? Kimberly Guilfoyle, Donald’s main squeeze, showed up. And she even made a speech. Many on Twitter seemed amused — perhaps by two things — the speech and the rows and rows of empty chairs she bellowed it to. How sad.

Not to be outdone, the other member of this gruesome twosome was also there. Donald Trump Junior trying to channel Willy Wonka and failing miserably, told people — what few people there were — that some might find a gold chocolate bar under their sears and that those bars are VIP tickets to Donald Trump’s CPAC reception.

Oh, Donald, stop. Willy Wonka, he’s not. Perhaps more like an Oompa Loompa, though, that would do a disservice to Oompa Loompas, who worked really hard.

Steve Bannon was there, in all his grimy splendor, defiantly insisting trump won Pennsylvania in 2020. Rick “I want your social security” Scott was there, railing against — his own party. Nice.

Gym was there. And yes, he wore that bay blue shirt. Perhaps though, he has a closet full of them. He spoke as did Hillbilly sellout JD Vance who would likely never miss an opportunity to show his fake conservative bonafides — even to empty rooms.


So, in short — this was one the most forlorn, scraggly, depressing, pathetic gatherings I’ve ever seen. It was almost laughable. Scratch the almost. This is what happens when a political party becomes a cult.



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