Republican state legislatures tell Donald Trump it’s over

Now that Donald Trump has failed to stop the ballots from being counted, failed to prevent media outlets from calling the race, and failed to get anywhere in court, his final fantasy for overturning the result involves having Republican state legislatures simply give their electoral votes to him – even though Joe Biden won those states.

To be clear, this isn’t a real thing. These state legislatures wouldn’t have a legal leg to stand on and would get laughed out of court, just as surely as Trump’s lawyers have spent the past week getting laughed out of court. But now Republican leaders in the key swing states are now publicly confirming that they have no interest in even trying it.

It’s not clear how Donald Trump expects to keep the grift going, now that even his final fantasy has been publicly shot down. This helps accelerate the endgame. Once Trump reaches a point where he can no longer fundraise any meaningful money on the illusion that he’s going to magically overturn the result, he’ll have to shift his focus to trying to give himself a softer landing when it comes to the prison and bankruptcy he’s facing once he’s gone from office.

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