The Republican primary was rigged for Donald Trump too

If you’ve been paying close attention over the past year, you’ve seen the mounting evidence that the Russians didn’t just rig the general election in Donald Trump’s favor, they rigged the Republican primary race in Trump’s favor as well. Today we finally got specific confirmation of that, when the details of the rigged GOP primary were included in the indictments against thirteen Russians who conspired to rig the election.

In the full text of today’s indictments, it’s revealed that the Russians conspired to harm the presidential candidacies of Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz, the two Republicans who ended up competing the most closely with Trump for the Republican Party nomination. Rubio previously revealed during public hearings in May of 2017 that Russian hackers had targeted him after he dropped out of the presidential race and decided to run for reelection in the Senate. But now we have grand jury confirmation that the Russians were taking down Trump’s opponents during the primary race in order to try to make sure he won the nomination.

This is a crucial point because, while it’s becoming more painfully clear by the day that Hillary Clinton is the rightfully elected President of the United States, we now also have confirmation that Trump didn’t even legitimately win the Republican nomination. He never qualified for the general election. Without the Russians conspiring to rig things, the general election was supposed to have been Hillary vs Rubio, or Hillary vs Cruz.

Today’s indictments also specifically confirm that the Russians conspired to help Bernie Sanders during the Democratic primary race. There is no evidence whatsoever that Bernie was in on this plot, or that he even knew about it. For all of the ridiculous (and thoroughly debunked) claims that the Democratic primary was somehow rigged in Hillary Clinton’s favor, now we have proof that it was in fact rigged against Hillary. No matter who you voted for, in either primary race or in the general election, this should piss you the hell off – because it’s a violation of our sovereign right to vote. Thanks to the Trump-Russia plot, this was a fake election from start to finish.