Michael Cohen reveals how Donald Trump rigged the 2016 Republican primary race

Over the years it’s become clear how Donald Trump rigged the 2016 general election: he conspired with Russia and WikiLeaks to spread false stories about Hillary Clinton. The question has always been how Trump managed to win the Republican nomination to begin with. Various Republican candidates were gaining on him at various points, but then they each conveniently fell off.

Now Michael Cohen is revealing that Donald Trump rigged the Republican primary race as well. Each time a Republican candidate began surging in the polls, Trump and Cohen conspired with the National Enquirer to run false stories about that candidate. This included the false story that Marco Rubio had a drug problem, and false stories about Ted Cruz’s family.

These fake and coordinated stories can be seen as an illegal campaign contribution on the part of the National Enquirer. Of course the National Enquirer’s boss David Pecker is already on the legal hook for various Trump-related scandals – a reminder that everyone in Trump’s orbit goes down eventually. Just ask Michael Cohen.

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