Donald Trump’s Republican National Convention pipe dream crashes and burns

Donald Trump cares so much about his own narcissism, and so little about the lives of his own supporters, he’s still trying to figure out how to hold an in-person Republican National Convention during a worsening pandemic. Trump has already moved it from North Carolina to Florida – even though Florida is now the coronavirus epicenter of the world – simply because the state’s corrupt Governor Ron DeSantis will let him do whatever he wants.

But even if DeSantis is willing to let Donald Trump murder people for political reasons, the local Sheriff isn’t. Mike Williams, the Sheriff for Duval County, where the convention would be taking place, is telling Politico that he and his officers “can’t pull it off” from a law enforcement or security standpoint. He says they’re not even close to having a plan for pulling it off.

This isn’t some partisan move; Sheriff Williams was elected as a Republican. He’s simply taking the side of reality, whereas Donald Trump is operating in a haze of delusional fantasy.


Considering how ugly things will get if Trump does hold an in-person Republican National Convention, he’s probably better off if it does get canceled. With the Sheriff throwing up his hands, the odds of it getting canceled just went up significantly. Of course Trump could try moving it to yet another city – but time is running short to even attempt such a move.

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