Republican Mo Brooks may have just handed the Democrats a gift in the Senate race in Alabama

Republican Congressman Mo Brooks of Alabama says he’s looking at running for Senate in 2022. If the Republicans are dumb enough to run Brooks in the race, the Democrats just might win it, despite Alabama’s status as a red state. Brooks is a scandal plagued idiot, making him vulnerable and easy to campaign against. The focus would end up being all about his role in the insurrection, which would hurt him and hurt the GOP’s overall 2022 prospects.

Sure, die-hard republican voters don’t care about the insurrection. But the Alabama Senate race will end up being decided by voters in the middle, as was the case in the 2017 Senate race in Alabama. Polling makes clear that the people in the middle have a very negative view of the insurrection and the GOP’s role in it.

If the republicans wanted to lock up that Alabama seat, they’d run a generic nobody who keeps head down and takes advantage of the state’s built-in tendency to elect Republicans. But no, they’re going to run Mo Brooks because he’s a Trump pal, even though that’ll decrease their odds of winning the race. The GOP is lost in a haze.

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