Republican candidate JD Vance goes off the rails with false claims, forced to take it back

The hills are alive with the sound of Republicans lying. It seems said lying never stops. And sometimes — rarely but sometimes — a lie is so ridiculous, so gigantically bumbling in its fallacy that the liar must walk it back.

They walk it back not because they care about having lied but because even their pin-sized brains know if they don’t, they will be destroyed by said lies. The latest slug to join the festering nest of liars is Ohio Senate candidate JD Vance. This lie did not have a long shelf-life.

The race in Ohio has already become something of a shitshow for the GOP. There is not, among the many Republican primary contenders, a sane one among them. Vance is most definitely one of the slimiest. So here is the lie it all it’s wormy glory:

Vance, who appears desperate to make assolini like him, put out a claim about the January 6th insurrectionists.

The claim was this: Vance said there are “dozens of people” who protested that day who now sit in prison, being “mistreated,” and they also — gasp — have not been charged with anything!

I repeat — Vance claimed uncharged people had been hauled away to prison. Vance also called the terrorists “political prisoners.” Vance then did an astonishing thing even by psychopathic Republican standards — he implored folks to write to the “political prisoners.”

“If you can’t give, maybe consider writing a letter or offering words of encouragement.” But there was a problem with the slithering slug’s statement. The problem was this: it was not true.


Every human being in prison because of their actions on January 6th has been charged with something. And the slug knows this — which is why he walked his comments back. “Convicted, not charged” the slime hastily corrected himself. This just goes to show: The GOP is their name, and lying is their game.

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