White House removed crucial Donald Trump line from Ukraine phone call “transcript”

Earlier today the news surfaced that Lieutenant Colonel Alexander Vindman testified to the House impeachment inquiry that the “transcript” of Donald Trump’s Ukraine had been sanitized to makes Trump look less guilty. Now more details about this are coming out, and it’s becoming more clear just how deranged the phone call was.

We already knew that the publicly released “transcript” wasn’t a transcript, because right at the bottom of each page it said that it was just a summary based on notes taken by people who were on the call. Colonel Vindman was one of the people on that call, and according to the New York Times, Vindman found that the summary had been whitewashed.

Vindman testified today that he heard Donald Trump claim during the Ukraine call that there were incriminating recordings of Joe Biden. But when the phone call summary reached Vindman’s hands, this key Trump line had been removed. Vindman then tried to add it back in, but this was rejected by the powers that be within the White House.

This tells us a few things. Obviously, there are no Biden tapes, or the Trump regime would have released them a long time ago. Now we know that Donald Trump has been running around telling foreign leaders (and who knows who else) that these imaginary Biden tapes exist. And we know that the Trump White House found this Trump lie to be such a liability, it removed Trump’s line from the phone call summary, and refused to add it back when when Colonel Vindman flagged it as being missing. That’s what you call consciousness of guilt.

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