Regeneron confirms Donald Trump’s doctor is full of crap about Trump’s coronavirus antibodies

Earlier this afternoon Donald Trump’s quack doctor, Sean Conley, released a statement revealing that Trump now has antibodies in his blood, and seemingly trying to imply that this means Trump is now cured from coronavirus and immune to it. Of course we all know that Trump was injected with experimental coronavirus antibodies from Regeneron just a few days ago, so of course the antibodies are (temporarily) in his system.

Now Regeneron itself has issued this statement to NBC News: “Given the volume of IgG antibodies delivered in our therapy, and the timing of these tests, it is likely that the second test is detecting REGN-COV2 antibodies.” In other words, Regeneron is calling out Dr. Conley on his crap.

Meanwhile Donald Trump has used Dr. Conley’s misleading statement as an excuse to break his White House residence quarantine and enter the Oval Office for a meaningless briefing. We’ve reached the point where even the soulless pharmaceutical companies want no part in whatever sick and deadly game Trump is playing with his life and the lives of those around him.

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