Donald Trump’s latest criminal scandal “will redefine ugly”

Yesterday we learned that Donald Trump’s longtime fixer Michael Cohen, and Trump’s former political adviser Michael Flynn, held a meeting at Trump Tower during the transition period with a Qatari businessman who has since allegedly bragged to an associate that he succeeded in bribing the Trump administration. Details are surfacing, and the whole thing is already ugly enough. Now it turns out it’s far uglier than we imagined.

Stormy Daniels’ attorney Michael Avenatti, who first exposed the meeting when he posted images of the participants on Twitter, appeared on MSNBC today to further explain what he’d uncovered. Here’s how Avenatti explained it while he was on television: “You have Michael Cohen, clearly in the weeks after the election, selling access to the president, to the highest office in the land, when he’s not registered as a lobbyist and he’s not registered as a foreign agent.” Then he later added more context on Twitter.

Here’s what Avenatti tweeted about the Trump Tower meeting: “When the truth is disclosed relating to this meeting and the story surrounding it, it will redefine “ugly”! As in very.” He then added “Buckle up.” As Palmer Report explained yesterday, this meeting is already ugly enough as it is. If Michael Cohen had been running these kinds of schemes under Donald Trump’s nose without his knowledge, Cohen would have been trying to hide it from Trump. So Cohen’s decision to hold this meeting at Trump Tower logically means that, yeah, Trump knew all about it and was in on it. It gets worse.

Michael Flynn’s participation in this meeting means that Special Counsel Robert Mueller already knows every word that was spoken during the meeting. Flynn has already cut a plea deal, and as required by the deal, he’s spilled his guts to Mueller about every last ugly detail. Now Michael Avenatti says that the meeting redefines the word ugly. Buckle up indeed.

Bill Palmer is the publisher of the political news outlet Palmer Report