The real reason Donald Trump has been going out of his mind today

If there’s one day of the week where Donald Trump is statistically less likely to have a morning Twitter meltdown than the others, it’s Saturday. But today we saw something very different out of him. This morning Trump put on a full court press of angry, vicious, deranged attacks against any number of people, places, and things – and there’s a good reason he’s so upset.

Thus far today Donald Trump has attacked Nancy Pelosi, Kamala Harris, Adam Schiff, the whistleblower, James Clapper, John Brennan, and the Washington Post, among others. He’s also attacked the entire city of San Francisco. He’s melting down in such unhinged fashion that at one point he simply tweeted four dots, and that was his entire tweet. But none of the targets of these tweets are the reason why Trump is so agitated.

Right now State Department official Philip Reeker is testifying behind closed doors to the House impeachment inquiry. Reeker is expected to vouch for Bill Taylor’s earlier testimony that Donald Trump was running an explicit quid pro quo extortion scheme against Ukraine. Trump has been attempting to single out Taylor and question his motives, but there’s strength in numbers, meaning Reeker’s testimony is a problem for Trump – and he’s already shown that he knows it.

Earlier this week Donald Trump’s House GOP stooge Jim Jordan sent a sternly worded letter to Philip Reeker, demanding to know why he was testifying on a Saturday, and calling for him to wait and testify on a weekday. This weak attempt at stalling the impeachment process by a couple days didn’t work, but it did give away that Trump and his people have been particularly apprehensive about Reeker’s testimony. It’s now happening, and that’s why Trump has been angrily melting down all morning.

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