The real reason Donald Trump went off the deep end this morning

This morning Donald Trump woke up and promptly had one of his most unhinged meltdowns to date, going so far as to tell multiple non-white members of Congress to “go back” to where they came from, even though they were born in the United States. This was beyond the pale, even for a racist like Trump. It’s left a lot of people asking what triggered it. The answer is in plain sight.

Donald Trump spent this week getting his butt kicked on multiple fronts. He put down a whole lot of political capital on trying to win the 2020 census battle, only to then give up entirely. Trump’s friend Jeffrey Epstein got arrested on charges of sex trafficking of minors, even as the media began reporting on wild parties that Trump and Epstein used to throw together. Trump’s Secretary of Labor Alexander Acosta, who initially got Epstein off the hook, had to resign over it. Mike Pence’s visit to Trump’s immigrant concentration camps was a public relations nightmare.

So much for the notion that Trump is some kind of evil supervillain who can pull off any corrupt thing he wants, and is fully insulated from his scandals. This week painted a very different picture of a guy who’s vulnerable, and losing, and doesn’t know what to try to latch onto as he circles the drain.

Now we know that Donald Trump is aware of how badly he’s losing, because he just told us as much this morning. Trump’s racist meltdown this morning deserves all the negative attention it can get, because what he said can’t go unchecked. But don’t lose sight of why Trump melted down this morning: he’s coming off a terrible week which helps cement just how vulnerable he is.

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