The real reason Ivanka Trump is shutting down her business

Ivanka Trump announced today that she’s shutting down her clothing line, citing poor sales and the number of retailers who have dropped the line. This can be chalked up to yet another victory for the Resistance, which led a boycott against the clothing line, and yet another sign of just how sick mainstream Americans are of the Trump crime family. But it raises the question: why now? It’s fair to explore whether this move might be related to the Trump-Russia investigation.

The question is why Ivanka Trump chose today to shut down her clothing business, Why not six months ago, when it was already clear that it was doomed? If she waited this long, why not wait another six months? Yes, she just got dropped by yet another retailer – but this is not the first, or the second, time this has happened to her. The bottom line is that there has to be a reason she chose right now, without warning, to immediately shutter her business. That brings us to a single name: Felix Sater.

Unlike her husband Jared Kushner and her brother Donald Trump Jr, there is no known evidence that Ivanka Trump was plotting with the Russian government to alter the outcome of the election. However, it’s clear by now that Special Counsel Robert Mueller is investigating every inch of the Trump family business. Ivanka Trump had her fingerprints all over a number of the Trump Organization’s shady real estate deals, including the ill fated Trump Soho partnership with convicted Russian mafia money launderer Felix Sater. If Trump Soho was created as a money laundering front, and Ivanka knew it, she’ll going to prison.

With his court filings against Paul Manafort this week, Robert Mueller has made abundantly clear that he’s digging up every last financial detail of everyone involved in the Trump-Russia scandal. Now suddenly Ivanka Trump is abruptly shutting down her public-facing clothing company. Is she really just giving up on a failed business, or is she ducking and running from Mueller? Such a move won’t deter Mueller – but it’s the kind of panic move that people often make when investigators are closing in on them. It’s worth watching Ivanka’s next move here, and Mueller’s as well.

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