The real reason Hope Hicks resigned from the White House today

Yesterday, after analyzing the events of the day and matching them up to the last time we saw a similar pattern play out with another Trump adviser, Palmer Report published the conclusion that Hope Hicks was all but certainly cutting a plea deal with Robert Mueller. We were told we were being “speculative” and “overly presumptive” and the usual skepticism. Sure enough, Hope Hicks resigned from the White House today. So now what?

To be clear, Palmer Report largely does not base its analysis or predictions on insider sourcing. We simply look at the publicly available evidence and logically figure out what’s going on. Longtime readers know that our track record on these things speaks for itself; newcomers figure it out eventually. We had no specific insider information about Hicks cutting a plea deal or resigning. Yet it was painfully obvious to us yesterday what was happening.

These days Trump only has his puppets on the House Intel Committee haul in Trump-Russia witnesses when he thinks they’re about to cut a deal with Robert Mueller, and he wants to find out in advance what they’re planning to tell Mueller. We saw it with Steve Bannon a few weeks ago. When he refused to answer the questions being asked by Trump’s sock puppets on the committee, it was obvious that he was saving his testimony for Mueller. Sure enough, a week later, various media outlets reported that Bannon had indeed spilled his guts to Mueller. Yesterday we saw the same chain of events play out with Hope Hicks.

The minute it was reported that Hope Hicks refused to answer the Trump-Russia questions being asked by Trump’s allies, it was obvious she was cutting a deal with Mueller. It was even more clear when you consider that Trump’s former legal spokesman Mark Corallo recently testified to Mueller that he heard Hicks promising to Trump that she would suppress Trump-Russia evidence. She was going to be hit with severe obstruction of justice charges, and she knew it. So did Trump and his allies. It’s why we saw the dance play out yesterday that we saw. Her resignation today is obviously because it’s hard to keep working for a guy when you’re cutting a plea deal against him.

By the way, after having spent yesterday misleading us with out-of-context headlines like “Hope Hicks stonewalls investigators,” the mainstream media is now largely repeating Hicks’ claim that she had been planning to resign for a few months. Sorry, not a chance. She’s only been Communications Director for a few months. In addition, long-planned resignations are always held back for the Friday afternoon news dump. When a high profile White House official abruptly resigns on Wednesday, it means they were suddenly in a huge hurry to get out of dodge. The mainstream media’s refusal to spell out what’s really going on is why Palmer Report has to exist.

Bill Palmer is the publisher of the political news outlet Palmer Report