The real reason the Devin Nunes tape is so devastating for Donald Trump

There are few things more shocking to the system in politics than a leaked tape. We were reminded of that a few weeks ago when Michael Cohen leaked a tape which incriminated him and Donald Trump. Then yesterday Omarosa revealed that she has humiliating tapes of Trump. But the real shocker came last night when Devin Nunes was caught on tape privately admitting a series of things that he definitely didn’t want the general public knowing about. The initial shock of the tape almost obscured the most devastating part for Trump.

Yes, it’s bad for Devin Nunes that he gave away his own secret plan to try to impeach and remove Rod Rosenstein again this fall. He may have just gotten himself hit with yet another count of obstruction of justice for it. But this plan was guaranteed to fail anyway, as the Senate wouldn’t even have so much as forty or fifty votes to remove Rosenstein, let alone the required sixty-seven. It was what he said afterward that took the cake.

No, not the part where Nunes admitted that Trump’s tweets make him and a number of his Republican colleagues “cringe.” We already instinctively knew that. The part that’s devastating for Trump was this sentence: “If Sessions won’t unrecuse and Mueller won’t clear the president, we’re the only ones.” Well guess what? Jeff Sessions isn’t going to unrecuse himself, for the same reason he recused himself to begin with: he’s also guilty in the Trump-Russia scandal, and he’s trying to protect himself at Trump’s expense by laying low. Also, Robert Mueller isn’t going to clear Donald Trump, because Trump is obviously guilty of several felonies under the law.

So by Devin Nunes’ own admission, he and his fellow far-right House GOP looney tunes are the “only ones” who can save Donald Trump. The thing is, they can’t save him. Their memo stunt failed. Their Peter Strzok hearing failed. Their Rosenstein impeachment effort failed. They haven’t managed to slow down Robert Mueller by a microsecond, and now it’s way past the point of no return. By admitting that he’s the only one who can save Trump, Nunes just admitted that Trump is going down.

Bill Palmer is the publisher of the political news outlet Palmer Report