Rear Admiral commits career suicide as Donald Trump’s Alabama hurricane map scandal gets even uglier

With everything going wrong for him that could possibly go wrong, and his presidency in danger of ending much sooner than election day, Donald Trump decided that the only thing that mattered to him was not having to admit he screwed up when he claimed Hurricane Dorian would hit Alabama hard. We’ve already had Sharpie-gate. Now we’ve got Rear Admiral-gate.

Donald Trump’s White House just released a statement – on White House letterhead no less – in which Rear Admiral Peter J. Brown is insisting that he told Trump that the hurricane was going to hit Alabama. Obviously, this briefing never happened. Brown’s reputation and military career just ended, obviously. We don’t know enough about whether Brown just committed career suicide for fun, or if Trump ordered him to do it, so we’re not yet sure whether to feel bad for him.

Either way, this has gone a country mile beyond 25th Amendment territory. Donald Trump is a severely mentally incompetent individual who’s using the vast power and resources of the presidency to carry out some of the most absurdly deranged behavior ever publicly put on display by any major world leader.


If you’re wondering, this Rear Admiral letter really does exist, and isn’t some photoshop forgery or Onion story. Los Angeles Times White House correspondent Chris Megerian posted a copy of the letter in question. Sadly, it’s real – even though our current president is very much fake.

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