Donald Trump just got hit with some really bad news

Donald Trump is currently facing an onslaught of attacks and criticism from General Mattis, Admiral McRaven, John Kasich, Mitt Romney, Lisa Murkowski, and too many other people to list. This comes even as Gordon Sondland has testified against him, and Rick Perry’s resignation suggests he might do the same. The last thing Trump needs is even more bad news – so naturally he just got hit with even more bad news.

As Donald Trump’s scandals continue to worsen, poll numbers in favor of impeachment continue to rise. We keep seeing similar increases from one major polling outlet after another. But now we’re seeing something new. The way poll numbers usually shift is that some people go from Column A to undecided, even as other people go from undecided to Column B. The new Pew poll is showing a different trend.

It’s not just that some people are going from anti-impeachment to undecided, and that other people are going from undecided to pro-impeachment. As pointed out by Newsweek, the Pew poll reveals that nine percent of Americans have now gone from anti-impeachment all the way to pro-impeachment.

This is a big deal because it demonstrates that the landscape is changing so severely for Donald Trump, even a sizable number of people who opposed his impeachment have now decided they want him gone. This suggests that as the process moves forward and the story gets even uglier for Trump, even more of the current anti-impeachment people will decide it’s time for him to go.

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