Donald Trump is in real trouble now

If you previously refused to believe “president” Donald Trump is in deep trouble, now is the time to believe. One or two things here and there might mean nothing, but trouble is now coming at an alarming rate. NBC News traveled to Wisconsin to speak with people on the ground. They spoke with Dennis Boyer, a retired lawyer, now farmer. Boyer is an independent who voted for neither Trump nor Clinton in 2016, but he believes that the current issues are too crucial for him to vote independent in 2020. The main issues leading Boyer to vote for Biden include health care, race, inequality, and “basic decency and human dignity.” Many other Wisconsinites agree with Boyer, as reflected in the Marquette Law School poll, which currently stands at 49% Biden and 41% Trump. RealClearPolitics shows the numbers at 48.5% to 42%, but the point is clear: People are sick of Donald Trump and his divisive ways and lack of policy.

NBC also reported that a group of former employees of George W. Bush have endorsed Joe Biden. Their alliance is called “43 Alumni for Biden.” The group made its formal announcement Wednesday and plans to release “testimonial videos” in favor of Biden, with the most high-profile members holding “get-out-the-vote” functions in competitive states. Jennifer Millikin, who worked on Bush’s reelection campaign and served in General Services Administration under Bush, told NBC that “the president is a danger. We know what is normal and what is abnormal, and what we are seeing is highly abnormal.” Kristopher Purcell, a communications official under Bush, said: “This November, we are choosing country over party.” This is huge considering the Trump Republicans have done the opposite. The 43 Alumni group is registered as a Super Pac, giving them the opportunity to raise unlimited funds.

Former national security officials are also poised to back Biden because they see Trump as a threat to national security, and retired military leaders are livid that Trump is trying to involve the armed forces in protests. How does “president” Trump feel about all this? He took to twitter to call them “Never Trumpers” and “human scum.” Keep it up, Trump. You are falling right into the trap that has been set by your open racism, hate speech, and lack of care for the American people.

Because Trump has nothing on which to campaign, he is relying on his continued lies about coronavirus and his racist rhetoric. Trump’s latest falsehood is that 99% of coronavirus cases are “harmless.” His FDA commissioner begs to differ. Trump does not care; he went golfing at one of his properties. That is all Trump cares about—using taxpayer dollars to prop up his failing businesses. He cares nothing for the American people. His “campaign” is a joke. All he can come up with is taking sound bites from Biden out of context and claim that Biden is the reason so many black people are in jail. If that is the best he can do, he might as well resign before he is further embarrassed.

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