Rand Paul just stepped in it

There is a war going on against a good and decent man. His name is Doctor Anthony Fauci. And the war has been perpetuated by Senator Rand Paul. I am calling for Rand to resign. I know it will not happen. Republicans do not believe in accountability.

Dr. Fauci has saved many lives. He is a brilliant and intellectually honest man who has become a political pawn, a human punching bag to use at will by a selfish, hateful, sour-faced bully of a man who I can barely describe as a human being.

Dr. Fauci has had numerous threats made against him. He is bewildered. He does not get why Republicans have used him in this way.

Kindness often does not understand sociopathy. “Why would a Senator want to do this?” Dr. Fauci wrote on Twitter. “Go to Rand Paul’s website, and you see fire, Dr. Fauci, with a little box that says contribute here.”

“So you are making catastrophic epidemic for your political gain.” I believe it safe to say that I consider Rand Paul to be a terrorist. He is not fit to be in the same room as Doctor Fauci. And to Fauci himself: thank you.


You are a wave of tranquility amidst swirling tidewater. You are and have been America’s rock. We all appreciate you and your brilliance. You are worth your weight in gold, sir.

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