Rand Paul caught in the act

A video of non-Senator Rand Paul has surfaced, and it isn’t a pretty one.
Per Newsweek, the video is from 2013. Paul was giving a speech to medical school students. And this video shows that Rand was just as corrupt then as he is now.
In his speech, Paul sagely imports his nuggets of non-wisdom to the aspiring medical students.

And he espouses using “misinformation” to better oneself. “Misinformation works,” said the idiot. Then someone (could it be Ron?) recounts a not-so-amusing story from his own past. Paul explained he enjoyed spreading misinformation while in college. Yes, people Rand Paul actually went to college.

One of his favorite ways of spreading the disease of misinformation was through lies — just little ones, though. (Sarcasm.) Paul said that when studying for exams, he and some college buddies would purposely spread misinformation on what the upcoming tests were about. The purpose Paul explained was to trick competitors into studying the wrong topics.

Such a sane, well-adjusted man.

“That’s my advice; misinformation works.”

“So, try to trick your opponents into knowing that the test is about something it’s not.”

Paul’s spokesperson says Paul was only joking. No, he wasn’t. Paul himself is a joke. He’s a depraved and tainted joke who should never have become a Senator. He might have talent as a deceiver, as a fraudster, definitely as a grifter but as a Senator? His talent is nil.

These things usually come back and bite one. I wonder how many students flunked tests back then because of misinformation put out by Paul and his stupid friends. This is a story that needs more attention.

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