Donald Trump unleashes racist “you people” tirade

Donald Trump is the most notorious racist of his generation. That’s been painfully obvious from the very start, to anyone who’s been paying any amount of attention. Mexican rapists. Muslim bans. Immigrant kids in cages. It just keeps getting worse. Now that Trump is fully cracking under the pressure of a deadly pandemic and economic collapse, he’s arguably getting even more blatant about it.

During his press conference today, Donald Trump got a question he didn’t like from respected PBS reporter Yamiche Alcindor, so he went off on her. Not only did he berate and insult her, he yelled “you people” at her. He’ll try to argue that he was referring to reporters in general when he used the phrase. But because we all know he’s a racist, there’s little doubt that what he meant was “you black people.”

This comes after Donald Trump spent a week repeatedly referring to the coronavirus as the “Chinese virus” in an attempt at scapegoating Asian-Americans for his own failure to contain the outbreak in the United States. Now he’s moved on to yelling “you people” at a black person. How long before he finally blurts out the N-word at one of these press conferences?

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