Rachel Maddow sounds the alarm about the Department of Justice

We all just spent the past four years watching Donald Trump and his underlings shred the Department of Justice, its infrastructure, and its integrity. At this point we’re all just hoping there’s enough left of the DOJ for it to be rebuilt during the President Biden era.

We’re seeing some evidence that the DOJ is still functioning on a basic level, as evidenced by the fact that hundreds of January 6th Capitol attackers have already been charged and/or arrested. But as Rachel Maddow pointed out during the MSNBC show tonight, something is still off.

For instance, thanks to the FBI’s social media requests for help in tracking down additional Capitol attackers, the violent “fire extinguisher guy” has been identified as a guy named Robert Palmer in Florida. Yet all that the Feds have done thus far is to call the guy on the phone and discuss things with him. Why hasn’t he been arrested yet? The Feds clearly know where and how to find him. And as Maddow pointed out, no one in the DOJ is even bothering to brief the public on how any of this is playing out.

Here at Palmer Report, our belief is that these holdups are all taking place because the DOJ is currently gutted, and because Biden’s Attorney General Merrick Garland hasn’t yet been confirmed. Garland is a no nonsense guy, and we suspect that he’ll decisively take the reins quickly.

This could also explain why Senate Republicans have been dragging out Merrick Garland’s confirmation process for as long as possible. They’re nearly out of procedural delays, and he’ll be confirmed within days. But it sure makes you wonder if the Republicans have been stalling because they’re afraid of the DOJ becoming functional enough to investigate their corruption.

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