Rachel Maddow reveals Trump’s impeachment lawyer options are about to get even worse for him

During their opening arguments on Tuesday, Donald Trump’s newly hired impeachment lawyers put on such an embarrassingly incoherent display of ineptitude, they came off arguably even worse than Trump’s previous lawyers like Rudy Giuliani and Sidney Powell.

Trump let it be known through the media that he was unhappy with his new lawyers, particularly Bruce Castor. This a problem for Trump because, as Rachel Maddow spelled out during her MSNBC show tonight, Trump’s other lawyer David Schoen apparently won’t be available during the second and final day of the defense proceedings.

This means Trump will either have to solely rely on the hated Bruce Castor that day, or rely on his other newly hired lawyer, who hasn’t shown up at the trial yet. As Maddow pointed out, this brand new lawyer spent today disputing reports that he called Trump a “f—ing crook,” which isn’t exactly sitting well with Trump.


This means Trump’s impeachment defense on Saturday will be run by a lawyer he thinks is terrible, or a lawyer who allegedly thinks he’s a crook, or perhaps some other lawyer that he hasn’t even hired yet. This is only get to get even uglier for him as the trial goes on.

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