Rachel Maddow returns to the air and reveals powerful personal story about coronavirus

Rachel Maddow returned to the air tonight, resuming hosting duties for her MSNBC show after having spent more than a week in coronavirus quarantine. She opened the show in humorous fashion, quipping that she’s not wearing makeup because she’s broadcasting from home and she doesn’t know how to put makeup on. But then things turned serious.

Maddow revealed tonight that she was in quarantine because her longtime partner Susan had coronavirus and got quite sick. She explained the nightmare scenario of trying to care for Susan while also physically distancing herself from her. Maddow spent a good amount of time talking about how deeply in love she is with Susan, and how she’d have given anything to switch places with her, but that coronavirus simply doesn’t work that way.

Rachel Maddow’s opening segment tonight was one of the most poignant and powerful arguments we’ve heard yet about why everyone needs to wear a mask, socially distance, and do everything else possible to try to contain the spread of coronavirus. As Maddow pointed out, the hospitals are already full and have no room for you and your loved ones if you catch the virus.

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