Rachel Maddow just hit on something crucial

The relationship between Rudy Giuliani and his Ukraine co-conspirators Lev Parnas and Igor Fruman is so strange and surreal in so many ways, everyone involved is still trying to get to the bottom of it. Last week Palmer Report pointed out that everyone involved – us included – was wrong when it came to one of the initial presumptions. Tonight, Rachel Maddow just hit on the same thing.

When Parnas and Fruman were arrested, we all just assumed that they were Rudy Giuliani’s underlings. After all, he’s a major political figure and the personal attorney to the President of the United States, and they were just two unknowns who appeared to be the ones doing the dirty work. They were the henchmen and Rudy was the boss, right? Except the money trail says the opposite.

Rudy Giuliani has admitted that he was paid half a million dollars by Lev Parnas’ company Fraud Guarantee. Bosses are not generally on the payrolls of their underlings. This strongly suggested that Rudy was actually working for Parnas. When you throw in the fact that Parnas is in turn working for Kremlin oligarch Dmitry Firtash, it seems to point to Vladimir Putin and his people funding the entire Trump-Ukraine plot, and Rudy just being a cog in the machine.


Rachel Maddow pointed out all of this on the air tonight, and made a point of asking who was working for whom when it came to Rudy Giuliani and his henchmen. It’s important that this question be given the proper attention, not just because the answer can properly frame Rudy’s role in this international criminal plot, but also because the money trail could expose that the Kremlin has been behind this entire Trump-Ukraine plot all along.

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