Rachel Maddow just nailed it

The January 6th Capitol attack never had any chance of succeeding in its goal to somehow magically keep Donald Trump in office. Even if the invaders had “succeeded” in terms of deadlier violence, it would only have resulted in even more blowback against them and Trump. But the attack has exposed a number of vulnerabilities in our overall system of government.

One of those vulnerabilities is the fact that far too many federal judges appear to have a soft spot for these pro-Trump domestic terrorists, allowing many of them out on bail when they’re clearly very dangerous people. Fortunately, as Rachel Maddow pointed out on her MSNBC show tonight, Donald Trump is doing an efficient job of keeping some of these folks behind bars while awaiting trial.

Maddow explained that some of the Capitol attackers have been arguing in court that their clients have no chance of becoming repeat offenders while out on bail, because they merely got caught up in a unique one-time situation in which Trump called on them to invade the Capitol and somehow magically overturn the election. But she explained that because Trump has resumed issuing press releases claiming that he secretly won the election, some judges are seeing this as a reason to keep some of these attackers locked up.

Leave it to Donald Trump to find a way to screw over his remaining loyal supporters, even now that he’s left office. Is he magically going to put himself back in office by releasing these statements? Of course not. But his statements are magically keeping some of his own terrorist supporters behind bars.

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