Rachel Maddow just nailed it

From the moment career criminal Donald Trump took office, it was clear that if he lost reelection, he would end up in prison in New York. Trump went on to commit new crimes while in office, which are now being probed everywhere from Washington DC to Georgia. But Trump’s decades of white collar financial crimes in New York were always going to come back to bite him.

That’s why it’s such a big deal that the Manhattan District Attorney has hired Mark Pomerantz as a Special Assistant District Attorney for the sole purpose in helping with the criminal prosecution of Donald Trump. So who is this guy?

On her MSNBC show tonight, Rachel Maddow explained that Pomerantz isn’t just any white collar crime expert. He’s spent decades working on both sides of criminal cases that focus on mafia-style financial corruption such as racketeering. In fact he first made a name for himself in a case involving an actual mafia boss.

Pomerantz is exactly the kind of guy you bring in to run a criminal prosecution and criminal trial against a wannabe mob boss like Donald Trump for his lifetime of financial crimes. Maddow nailed it tonight by highlighting the fact that the Manhattan DA is gearing up to bring a comprehensive criminal case against Trump, and that Trump is pretty clearly going to end up standing trial in New York.

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