Rachel Maddow just helped foil Donald Trump’s latest corrupt scheme

For all his bluster, Donald Trump is usually bluffing when he loudly threatens to do something corrupt or evil. When he does corrupt and evil things, he usually tries to do them quietly, in the hope no one will notice. That was the case when he and his regime decided to end a deployment one day before National Guard members would have received benefits for it.

Last night Rachel Maddow loudly made a point of highlighting this scandal during her show. After Maddow and some other journalists made the whole thing a problem for Donald Trump, he and his regime backed down today, and decided to extend the deployment long enough for the National Guard members to get their benefits.

Score one for Rachel Maddow and the media. Trump was trying to screw National Guard members after they’ve gone out and put themselves at risk by carrying out support missions in coronavirus-infected areas. This is why the media is supposed to exist.

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