Rachel Maddow just destroyed Kevin McCarthy

One of Palmer Report’s big pet peeves is that when a major newspaper such as the New York Times uncovers important information, it usually buries it two-thirds of the way through a super lengthy article, meaning no one will learn about it, because no one reads that far.

It turns out Rachel Maddow has the same pet peeve, because during her show tonight, she chided the New York Times for burying the lede in the 34th paragraph of a 39 paragraph article. The key detail: when the Capitol attack happened and security came to evacuate House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy, he was with another House Republican, Bruce Westerman. Instead of taking Westerman with him, McCarthy left him to fend for himself. Westerman ended up hiding on top of Kevin McCarthy’s toilet, holding a sword he’d taken from a display case, hoping the domestic terrorists didn’t find him.


On the surface this story is silly and absurd and darkly funny. But more importantly, it reinforces the fact that Kevin McCarthy isn’t any sort of leader. In that situation, any real leader would have told the security forces to take the other Congressman with them, instead of leaving the guy behind. McCarthy is the kind of selfish coward who would leave his Republican colleague behind. McCarthy is in way over his head.

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