Rachel Maddow is starting to sound like me now

Palmer Report readers know that I’m not a fan of the cable news format in general, for a number of reasons. But Rachel Maddow is the most incisive cable news host we have, and I take it as a compliment whenever her analysis happens to align with mine.

So I’ve really been getting a kick out of it these past two nights, as Maddow has begun riffing on the fact that Donald Trump can’t just overturn the election results out of sheer force of will. Last night she kept talking about how Trump can’t “magically” overturn things, a word I love using in my description of it. Tonight, Maddow kept mocking Trump’s supporters for being “gullible” enough to go along with the fantasy that Trump can still somehow magically win.

Again, I take it all as a compliment whenever Maddow’s analysis happens to line up with mine. It tells me that I’m on track with my own thinking. Maddow also had the line of the night tonight when she pointed out that the Pennsylvania state legislature isn’t actually holding an election hearing this week, and is instead merely listening to Rudy Giuliani at the Wyndham hotel – unless, she quipped, it’s accidentally held at “Wyndham Total Landscaping.”

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