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Donald Trump’s bonkers attack on Rachel Maddow completely unravels

For all his vicious attacks on the media, Donald Trump has generally been afraid to go after Rachel Maddow. Maybe he’s just afraid of her because she’s too smart. But now Trump is indeed sniping at Maddow, through his “Trump War Room” Twitter account.



Here’s the trouble. In his tweet, Donald Trump is referencing a “fact checking” site that’s actually run by Daily Caller, a conservative propaganda site founded by Trump’s close ally Tucker Carlson from Fox News. We’re really supposed to take Tucker’s word for it that Rachel Maddow is somehow wrong?

In reality, we all heard Donald Trump bring up the coronavirus during a political rally a month ago, and then start attacking the Democrats, and then say “This is their new hoax.” In other words, Rachel Maddow was absolutely correct – and Trump’s attack on her doesn’t hold any water at all.

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