Donald Trump should quit while he’s behind

There is currently a deep chasm that divides America. On one side, there are those who respect the rule of law, strive to preserve the Constitution, and want to see America continue as the country that our forefathers dreamed it could be. On the other side, there are some who still, for whatever reason, support Donald Trump.

Based simply on American history, for those who want to advance the ideal of our country’s history, one would think that a democratic society would be the ultimate goal. That should not be undone by one person thinking he can upend our nation simply because of inherited means. As the New York Times discovered, the Trump family fraudulently obtained hundreds of millions of dollars. Fast forward a couple decades and the Trump family is best known as being a corrupt mafia front, while one member of the family is in charge of the highest office of the land.

While there still exist individuals who support Trump, the facts remain what they are. Donald Trump is a failed conman who was forced to declare bankruptcy on a multitude of properties. Despite those who continue to prop up Trump, despite his history of business failures, Trump’s overall support continues to decline. Even Fox News is incrementally backing away from him.

Whether it be his claim that his approval rating is at 50%, which even Fox News ended up walking back, or his promise that the Republican Party will somehow become the “Party of Healthcare,” most people simply assume he’s lying. Following such blatant lies, it is clear that Donald Trump never cared about the average American, and continues to lie in an effort to reassure his base. Sadly, only for him, that base is only diminishing.

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