Now Donald Trump is trying to run a quid pro quo scheme against U.S. Governors

The House just got done impeaching Donald Trump for his quid pro quo extortion scheme against Ukraine, and of course the Republican Senate shamefully acquitted Trump instead of dutifully removing him. Now Trump is attempting to run the same scheme again – this time, against U.S. Governors.

Governors in the hardest hit states are begging the Trump regime to help them out in the coronavirus crisis. For instance, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo is demanding to know why the Trump-controlled FEMA is still sitting on the vast majority of its respirators instead of sending them to the epicenter in New York City.

Donald Trump has decided that if he’s going to help the American people in the affected states, the Governors of those states “have to treat us well”:


What is that even supposed to mean? Given Donald Trump’s track record, he’s almost surely referring to trying to get something back from these states that personally benefits him. For instance, New York State currently has a grand jury targeting Trump for indictment, which will likely result in Trump’s arrest if he loses the election. Is Trump hinting that he wants the criminal case against him dropped in exchange for ventilators? Good luck with that.

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