Exposed: Vladimir Putin told Donald Trump how to publicly respond to Trump Tower meeting with the Russians

When it comes to exposing a criminal scandal and the subsequent coverup, half the battle is unearthing the facts. The other half is fitting them together in the proper context. Now a new Trump-Russia bombshell has been placed within the timeline of a much older Trump-Russia bombshell, and the results reveal something far uglier than either incident represented on its own.

Last year we learned that Donald Trump Jr met with Russian government representatives at Trump Tower during the 2016 election with the self-admitted intent to illegally alter the outcome of the election. This weekend we learned that after Donald Trump privately met with Vladimir Putin, he seized the interpreter’s notes to try to make sure that even his own staff didn’t know what he was up to. Now it turns out these two scandals are the same scandal.

It turns out Donald Trump met privately with Putin and immediately seized the meeting notes, and then just hours later, Trump told his son and his advisers how to publicly respond to the Trump Tower meeting, according to a new on-air report from MSNBC. This puts us into can’t possibly be a coincidence territory, and it means that Putin instructed Trump on how to have his advisers respond to the Trump Tower scandal. It also likely means that Putin and Trump set up this meeting specifically to discuss how to respond to the scandal.

This places even more importance on the translator in the meeting, who is about to get subpoenaed by the House Intelligence Committee, and who has likely already been interviewed by Special Counsel Robert Mueller. It also means that Donald Trump is such a blatant Kremlin operative, he’s literally been taking instructions from Vladimir Putin on how to handle his treason scandal.

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