“President” Donald J, Trump, IMPOTUS the Third, is doing what he is most comfortable with: attacking all who dare to question him and his decisions and his illegal conduct. We are used to that. But new reports suggest that we have officially flipped into bizarro world, one in which everything is upside down.

The stable genius reportedly knows that it was not Russia that interfered in the 2016 election, but rather it was Ukraine. How does he know that is true? Because Putin told him it was. According to a new Washington Post article about the subject, the team wrote: “One former senior White House official said Trump even stated so explicitly at one point, saying he knew Ukraine was the real culprit because ‘Putin told me.'” Two other former officials said the senior White House official described Trump’s comment to them.

Yet, we have the feckless GOP Senators stating they will not be unbiased, they will not be impartial, but they will support Trump no matter what. And Trump’s team is out there insisting that Democrats are the ones who hate America and the Constitution. Jane Ellis, an attorney for Trump and part of his re-election committee, appeared on Sean Hannity Friday night and made that claim, then surprisingly defended Putin on CNN Saturday morning. We also have a Trump campaign head caught on tape this week talking about voter suppression by the Republicans and how aggressive they will be in 2020.


Yet, the GOP has no concerns whatsoever that the person with the nuclear codes is as close to a Manchurian candidate as this nation has ever seen, being fed bullshit by a very dangerous man, Vladimir Putin, and rather than understanding reality and facts, believing the bullshit. What it will take to be woke as a nation is unknown, but it is not the Democrats who hate America.

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