Donald Trump has deranged meltdown about Vladimir Putin

It’s a snow day in Washington DC, meaning that there’s no official business to distract Donald Trump, and likely a lack of handlers in the White House to watch over him. That’s translated to Trump having way too much unsupervised free time today, and this morning he already had a bizarre meltdown about Robert Mueller which saw him misspelling “Special Counsel” six different times. Now Trump is having an even more deranged meltdown, this time about Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Trump called Putin yesterday and congratulated him on his rigged election victory, even after Trump’s advisers had written “DO NOT CONGRATULATE” in all caps in their notes for him. This embarrassing tidbit inevitably leaked to the media, reminding everyone that Trump is both a Russian puppet and a childlike figure who has to be treated with kid gloves by his handlers. Trump didn’t seem to take the backlash particularly well, and this afternoon he exploded about it.

Trump tweeted “I called President Putin of Russia to congratulate him on his election victory (in past, Obama called him also). The Fake News Media is crazed because they wanted me to excoriate him. They are wrong! Getting along with Russia (and others) is a good thing, not a bad thing……. They can help solve problems with North Korea, Syria, Ukraine, ISIS, Iran and even the coming Arms Race. Bush tried to get along, but didn’t have the ‘smarts.’ Obama and Clinton tried, but didn’t have the energy or chemistry (remember RESET). PEACE THROUGH STRENGTH!” Of course this bizarre tweet leaves with several questions.


First, is Donald Trump so far gone from reality that he thinks doubling down on his status as Putin’s puppet somehow helps him? Second, when was the last time Trump attacked Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, and George W. Bush in the same tweet? Finally, since when does Donald Trump know a word like “excoriate,” let alone how to spell it? Looks like perhaps one of Trump’s handlers did make it to work during the snow day, and brought along a thesaurus. It’s also notable that everything in Trump’s Putin tweet was spelled correctly, while nearly everything in his earlier Mueller tweet was spelled incorrectly.

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