Vladimir Putin taunted Donald Trump about Russian hookers

In a frantic late night Twitter rant, Donald Trump insisted that former FBI Director James Comey’s newly leaked memos fully exonerate him. In reality they do the opposite, revealing that Trump really did commit obstruction of justice by trying to get Comey to end the investigation. The memos also reveal some new details that are not only embarrassing to Trump, they point to a whole other kind of criminal antics.

James Comey wrote in a memo obtained by the Associated Press that Donald Trump told him about a conversation he had with Russian President Vladimir Putin. Trump said that during that conversation, Putin said to Trump, “We have some of the most beautiful hookers in the world.” So now we know that when Comey made Trump aware of the dossier alleging that Trump had been caught on tape with Russian hookers, Trump’s response was to admit that Putin had taunted him about Russian hookers.

Once again, Trump’s out of control mouth, and his desire to impress people by revealing insider details, betrayed him. Why on earth would Trump respond to an accusation about him and Russian hookers by admitting that Putin taunted him about Russian hookers? This might be the most solid confirmation yet that the Pee Pee Tape story really is true.

Whatever you think of James Comey, there is no reason to believe that he would have been writing fake memos about this sort of thing. The key here is that Comey wrote these memos while he was still FBI Director, and long before his job was in any danger, so there’s no chance this was some kind of manufactured revenge ploy on his part. Donald Trump really did tell Comey that Putin taunted him about Russian hookers. This is beyond surreal. And the night is still young.

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