Here comes Robert Mueller’s public testimony about the Mueller report

The redacted Mueller report is out, which means the evidence of Donald Trump’s corruption and guilt is out, and William Barr has outed himself as an obstructor of justice. Even as we all continue to sift through the hundreds of damning pages about Trump and his regime, here comes the public testimony from Robert Mueller himself.

House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerry Nadler held a press conference this afternoon and announced that William Barr will be brought before the committee on May 2nd to testify about his handling of the Mueller report. Nadler also revealed that he expects to bring in Robert Mueller to publicly testify about his own report a couple weeks after Barr’s testimony. So why is this important, and what can we expect?

Barr will surely show up to testify, but we can expect him to be roughly as dishonest in his testimony as he was in his press conference this morning, and in his “summary” before that. Even if Barr’s testimony doesn’t reveal anything new, the questions he dodges should clearly establish what he’s trying to hide. This will then set the stage for Mueller to publicly testify. There is every reason to expect Mueller to be an eagerly cooperative witness, and he’ll be legally free to discuss everything that’s been laid out in today’s redacted version of his report.

What stands out most here is that, unless another House committee jumps ahead in line, the House Judiciary Committee appears to be taking the lead when it comes to putting Barr and Mueller in front of the cameras to testify about Donald Trump’s crimes. This is crucial, because the impeachment process begins in the House Judiciary Committee.

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