Donald Trump resorts to psychotic threats as everything goes wrong for him

This is the week where it all falls apart for him, and he knows it. Most Americans already want Donald Trump removed from office, and now the public is about to see the transcripts from the thirteen witnesses who have testified against him thus far. Televised hearings are coming soon. The new Mueller memos are just icing on the cake. So what’s Trump doing about it?

Donald Trump’s reaction this morning can only be described as even weirder than usual. One minute he’s idiotically ranting about how California must rake the forest floor to stop the wildfires (this time using the word “clean” instead of the word “rake”). The next minute he’s insisting there will be “hell to pay” if he finds out who the whistleblower is. That threat alone is a severe enough felony to send Trump to prison for the rest of his natural life once this is over.

Then there was this surreal tweet, obviously posted to Trump’s account by his staff, and obviously aimed at making him feel better about having gotten loudly booed yet again at last night’s UFC event: “Walking into Madison Square Garden last night with @danawhite for the big @UFC Championship fight was a little bit like walking into a Trump Rally. Plenty of MAGA & KAG present.”

That’s right, Donald Trump’s babysitters are now trying to convince him that last night didn’t happen the way that it happened. The guy is just that delusional, just that malleable, just that far gone. Yet he’s still coherent enough to commit felony witness intimidation against the whistleblower, meaning he’s plenty competent to stand trial and then go to prison and never get out. This guy’s life is over.

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