Donald Trump has psychotic meltdown after stimulus bill excludes his failing real estate properties

The coronavirus stimulus package hasn’t quite been passed into law yet, but it’s been agreed upon in principle by all sides. The Democrats got much of what they wanted – including a provision that prohibits any stimulus money from going to any business that’s owned by Donald Trump or his family. Suffice it to say, Trump isn’t a happy camper right now.

Thus far today Donald Trump has used his Twitter account to attack Mitt Romney, Robert Mueller, Joe Biden, NPR, Adam Schiff, Michael Avenatti, and the New York Times. During his rampage, he retweeted white supremacist propaganda site Breitbart half a dozen times.


Donald Trump didn’t directly address the fact that none of the stimulus money is going into his own pocket, but he didn’t have to. His behavior today, which bordered on psychotic, gives away how upset he is. Considering that six out of Trump’s highest revenue generating properties are currently closed for business, and how deeply in debt his properties are to begin with, Trump has got to be on the verge of running out of cash on hand entirely. No wonder he’s going bonkers.

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