Donald Trump has psychotic meltdown after his Ford mask stunt unravels

What was Donald Trump trying to accomplish when he refused to wear a mask during the publicly visible portion of his Ford factory tour today? You’d have to ask him – and don’t expect a coherent answer. But it all went wrong for him when someone photographed Trump wearing a mask during the portion of the tour where he thought the media couldn’t see him, and now he’s going completely berserk accordingly.

By having worn a mask for any portion of the tour, Donald Trump tacitly admitted that wearing a mask was a necessary move. Therefore, by refusing to wear a mask while the cameras were on him, Trump was knowingly flaunting his disregard for the law, and for the lives of others. The Attorney General of Michigan has warned Ford that it’ll face punishment if it allows another guest to not wear a mask, and Trump can’t handle that.

Now Trump is melting down tonight, attacking the Michigan Attorney General, and seemingly threatening to have Ford Motor Company move out of the state. It’s not clear how he’s going to somehow get Ford to do this, but in his increasingly hallucinatory rants, facts and logic don’t play a role.

But hey, Donald Trump is getting to call the Michigan Attorney General “vicious” and “wacky” in a tweet storm, so he probably doesn’t care if this nonsense helps or hurts his election prospects. We’re surprised Trump didn’t jump straight to calling her “nasty,” which is what he usually calls women.

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