Donald Trump realizes he can’t win, sends psychotic letter to Nancy Pelosi

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi is holding all the cards when it comes to impeachment. She’s convinced a majority of Americans that Donald Trump should be impeached. She gets to decide when to send articles of impeachment to the Senate. She then gets to decide whether to send more articles to the Senate later on. Mitch McConnell can’t do anything to help Trump’s weak 2020 prospects no matter how he handles the Senate impeachment trial. Trump has been had, and he just proved that he knows it.

Sensing that impeachment is on track to end up being a major political loss for him, Donald Trump decided to slam his fist down on the chess board today, in the hope that the pieces might randomly land in a position favorable to him. Trump sent Nancy Pelosi a six page letter that can only be described as psychotic.

Trump referred to the impeachment process as an “illegal, partisan attempted coup,” ignoring the fact that the Constitution explicitly gives Pelosi the power to bring articles of impeachment at her discretion. Trump ended up using words like “spiteful” and “terrible” while questioning the authenticity of Pelosi’s religious views. Trump also falsely claimed in his letter that he’s innocent of the Ukraine crimes he’s already publicly confessed to. There’s something in there about Salem Witch Trials. Also, Trump appears to believe impeachment is just a “fantasy” – which perhaps in his mind means that none of this is even really happening.

The bottom line is that Donald Trump got caught criminally conspiring against the United States, he knows it, and he knows that the majority of the American people know it. Trump clearly has no secret plan for magically using his Senate impeachment trial to boost his terrible 2020 poll numbers, or he’d be focused on that. Instead he’s setting himself on fire for all to see, because Nancy Pelosi has him by the tail and he knows it. This letter is evidence that Trump’s psychological state is deteriorating at a rapidly accelerating rate. It’s also a sign that he’s more interested in whining than in trying to turn his collapsing presidency around.

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