Donald Trump’s latest press conference is already a psychotic dumpster fire

Donald Trump is just a few minutes into his latest coronavirus press briefing, and he’s still on the part where he tepidly stumbles through the text that his babysitters have prepared for him. But he’s already completely off the rails, on a level that’s nothing short of psychotic.

Trump is lying through his false teeth about the World Health Organization, trying to scapegoat it for his own negligent and dishonest decisions. Trump also bragged about how little medical equipment he sent to the states, falsely claiming that they’re turned out not to need it. Trump is also falsely claiming that other nations are doing worse with the coronavirus, when the numbers make clear that the United States is the epicenter of the coronavirus crisis.

CNN and MSNBC have both already cut away from the debacle in order to fact check Donald Trump’s lies, though we expect both networks will periodically go back to airing it. There’s no excuse for this psychotic dumpster fire of lies to be on the air. It’s false, it’s dangerous, and it’s little more than a deranged campaign ad. Fortunately, Trump’s terrible poll numbers show that these briefings aren’t helping him one bit.

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