Donald Trump has profane threatening meltdown after people start succumbing to the heat at his rally

Earlier this week Donald Trump and his campaign negligently left hundreds of Trump fans stranded in the freezing cold after the rally. Now Trump seems to be trying to find a way to top it. Today he held a rally in the Florida heat in Tampa, and not surprisingly, some of the attendees began succumbing to the heat, needing help from medical personnel.

At one point the first responders began spraying a water hose on the crowd to keep them cool and safe. Donald Trump saw the water being sprayed, and according to the White House pool report, he said “Are they friend or foe? … Let’s find out if they’re friend or foe. And if they’re foe, let’s take care of those sonofabitches.”

There are some different interpretations of what he meant, but to us it sounds like he was confused about what the hose was for, thought it might have been coming from protesters, and urged his supporters to attack them if they were protesters. In other words, Trump was apparently trying to incite a violent brawl.

Also, how far removed from reality is he that he doesn’t know first responders sometimes spray mist on outdoor crowds during hot events when people are passing out? Has he never been to an outdoor event in his life? Just how weird is this guy?

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